Identifying Related Parties (India)

Those Ledgers which are marked by the Auditor as Related Party will only appear in the Related Party Transactions report.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit & Analysis > Related Party Transactions .

2. Click on Ctrl+F9 : Master Config or press Ctrl+F9 .

3. Select Related Party and press Enter .

4. Select the required Ledger(s) using Spacebar in the Related Party Configuration screen.

Click F5 : Update or press F5 to view Related Party Details screen to mark the selected Ledger as Related Parties .

Related Party Details screen appears.

o In Is Related Party field select Yes .

o In Relation Type field specify the Relation Type .

Press Enter to save the Related Party Configurations .

Note: Follow the same steps to unmark a Party which is wrongly identified as Related Party.

Press Esc to view the Related Party Transactions report.

Ctrl+W: Audit Wkg Paper

To view the Audit Working Paper during Auditing, click Ctrl+W : Audit Wkg Paper or press Ctrl+W . The details displayed in Audit Working Paper will be relevant to report from where it is triggered. This report displays the details of Configuration of Periodic Ledgers .