How to sync only Master without transactions?

Master Synchronisation or Distribution of Master can be configured either On-Demand or in Online mode.

You need to create separate rule (new) for Master Synchronisation even if you have created for Transactions.

In this illustration we will configure through On-Demand mode to distribute Masters from Server to Client (Head office to Branch) First, need to ensure that the Server & Client Tally is configured to act as “ BOTH ” or Server/Client in F12 > Advanced Configuration:

Create Master Sync- Client Rule from client Company - Gateway of Tally > Import of Data > Synchronization > Client Rules > Create > Master:

Direction of Sync – Provided option either Receive or Send Data to maintain uniformity across branches and head office.

Note :

§ As On-Demand sync is enabled, Master synchronization can be performed without connecting companies to Tally.Net server.

§ If ‘Use On-Demand Sync’ is disabled, then it is necessary to connect companies to Tally.Net server.

§ On-Demand Sync feature can be performed only through Tally.Net Server, this facility is not applicable for ‘ Direct/IP Sync

§ If On-Demand Sync is enabled then cursor will not move to ‘ Sync via Tally.NET server ’. This option is by default set it YES .

Now initiate for initial sync from Client (handshake): From gateway of Tally > Import of Data > Synchronisation > Synchronise:

If you observe, the rule has been synchronized without connecting company and connectivity status of other end.

Now download the Rule at Server Company with which Synchronisation needs to be performed. From gateway of Tally > Import of Data > Synchronisation > Synchronise :

To activate server rule: From gateway of Tally > Import of Data > Synchronisation > Server Rule > Activate:

Accept the Rule:

In Advanced Configuration you have option to restrict Master alteration . By default this option is enabled:


§ Once after activation of Rule at Server, need to sync again to send confirmation of acceptance to client end.

§ Whenever client sync next time, the Server acceptance will be updated at Client.

Now it is ready to perform Master synchronization

Create few Masters in Server and go for syncing data.

Now in Server, go for synchronise to send Masters Data to client - From Gateway of Tally > Import of Data > Synchronisation > Synchronise. Here Masters are synching without transactions:

Next time, whenever Client trigger for Sync, Masters Data get updated at Client end:

Replication of Masters list received from Server:

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