Recording Sale of more than one Service (Service Tax)

You can record a sales invoice with multiple services rendered.

Sale of more than One Service

Straight Scenes Designs is an architectural firm. They render architects services and interior design services to their clients.

On 16-11-2015, Straight Scenes Designs provided architect services to Prerana worth ₹ 1,50,000. They also provided interior design service to Prerana worth ₹ 50,000. Both the services are subject to service tax and SBC.

To record both the services in the same transaction

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales > Accounting Invoice.

2. Select Prerana in the field Party's A/c Name .

3. Select the sales ledger for architect services under Particulars .

4. Enter 150000 in the field Amount .

5. Select the sales ledger for interior design services under Particulars .

6. Enter 50000 in the field Amount .

7. Select Duties & Taxes ledger. The service tax, SBC and KKC will get calculated automatically using the details defined at the company level.

8. Click A : Tax Analysis . Click F1 : Detailed to view the tax breakup of the two service category.

9. Enter Narration , if required.

The sales invoice appears as shown below:

10. Press Enter to save.