Setting Up Security Levels for e-Payments

While using e-payments, you can use the Security Control feature to set up the required security levels for authorising users for doing the banking operations as per your business needs.

To set up security levels for accounting with e-payments

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F3: Cmp Info. > Security Control > Types of Security .

2. Select the security level (for example Data Entry ), in the Security Levels screen for the company, under List of Security Levels , and press Enter .

The Security Levels screen appears as shown below:

3. Select the Security List type under the Use Basic Facilities of .

4. Select the Type of Access you want to provide for the different reports (Refer to the following image.) under the Disallow the following Facilities and Allow the following Facilities categories, as shown below:

5. Press Enter to go back the main Security Levels screen for the company.

6. Press Enter to accept the security settings for Data Entry level.