Printing Cash Deposit Slip Report

Cash Deposit Slip Report can be printed for all the transactions for the selected period.

To print the Cash Deposit Slip Report

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Banking > Deposit Slip > Cash Deposit Slip .

2. Select required Bank account from List of Bank .

3. Click Print or Press Alt+P . The Printing Cash Deposit Slip screen appears as shown below.

4. Click No or Press N or Esc to set the other options as follows:

o Print Cash Deposit Slip : Set this option to No to print the Cash Deposit Slip report .

o Space to leave on Top (default 0.5 inches) : This is the space between the top of the page to the Title (First Line on the page). User can specify the dimension as per requirement.

o Show Remarks also : Set this option to Yes to display the Remarks in the report.

5. Press Enter to print the Cash Deposit Slip Repor t as shown below.