Excluded Transaction Details - Form 13 (Assam)

Excluded Transactions Details screen displays the count of all transactions not being considered for generating the returns.

To view the Exclude Transactions Details

1.    Select Excluded Transactions.

2.    Press Enter.

3.    Click F1: Detailed to display the detailed mode.

The Excluded Transactions Details screen appears as shown below:

Transaction Types

     Vouchers Excluded by Users: Displays the count of transactions which have been manually excluded from list of included or uncertain transactions. If any transaction has been inadvertently excluded, it can be moved back to included or uncertain transactions by clicking the I: Include Vouchers button.

     Contra: Displays the count of contra entries which involve only bank and cash ledgers.

     Payroll Vouchers: Displays the count of transactions recorded using payroll and attendance vouchers. VAT does not apply to these transactions.

     Order Vouchers: Displays the count of sales order, purchase order, job work in order and job work out order vouchers as VAT is not applicable while placing an order.

     Inventory Vouchers: Displays the count of receipt note, stock journal, delivery note, material in, material out, rejections in, rejections out and physical stock vouchers as they are purely inventory in nature and do not attract VAT.

     No VAT Implications: Displays the count of receipts and payments.

     Other Vouchers: Displays the count of memorandum and reversing journal vouchers. All the categories and voucher types are not displayed by default. Based on the voucher type used and the exclusions done by user, the relevant categories appear with the transaction count.

To view the transactions grouped under each category

1.    Select the category or voucher type.

2.    Press Enter to view the Voucher Register screen.

3.    Select the transaction, and press Enter to view it in alteration mode.

To display narration entered for each voucher

1.    Click F12: Configure in the Voucher Register screen.

2.    Set the option Show narrations to Yes.

3.    Press Enter to save.