In-built Functions

In-built functions are functions predefined by the platform in order to accomplish a specific task. A wide range of functions are available in the TDL functions library for varied purposes like business related, mathematical, string etc. The application developer has no control over the execution sequence of these functions. They can only be used as required to achieve their specific task. Some functions may not require any parameters like $$NewLine which moves to the next line. Some functions may require one or more parameters; depending on the design of the function. For example,  $$Inwords accepts one parameter of amount type and returns the amount in words.

Functions give the following benefits to the TDL programmer:

Conditional execution/evaluation of statements

Execution of a set of statements repeatedly, generally referred to as loops

Defining variables and storing values from intermediate calculation/process

Accepting parameters from the calling segment of code

Working on data elements like getting an object from the calling context, defining the function execution context, looping on the objects of a collection, etc.

Returning a ‘Value’ to the caller of the function

Performing a set of actions sequentially/conditionally or repeatedly, without returning a value.

Note: To know more about in-built functions, refer the function browser from Tally.Developer 9.

System function: Sysinfo