Copying Cheque Printing Dimensions

You can define your own measurements for cheque printing. Alternatively, you can use saved configurations from other banks as templates .

1. While creating a bank, select the bank name under Bank Account Details , from the List of Banks .

2. Under Bank Configuration, enable Set cheque printing configuration to Yes . The Cheque Dimensions screen appears.

3. Press Ctrl+U to define the cheque printing dimensions in User defined mode.

4. Press Ctrl+C to copy from existing formats. The Select Configured Bank screen with List of Configured Banks appears as shown below:

5. Select the format of the required bank from the List of Configured Banks . The cheque printing configuration details is pre-filled with the dimensions of the selected cheque format.

Note : In the Cheque Printing Configuration screen, no field other than salutations should be blank.

6. Press Enter to print the cheque in the selected format.